Model Info
Frame Type: Knight-Frame
LBX Type: Buccaneer
Brand Maker: Tiny Orbit
Arnaments: Reef Cutlass
Coral Blade
Barracuda Flintlock x2
Owner: [Pirate Girl]

Corvett is a custom LBX made by [Pirate Girl] in LBX Club Wars. It is the personalized version of the Kanaroa, which in turned is based off Tiny Orbit's Amazoness.


Despite the Corvett looking like a Strider-frame LBX, it's internal frames is of the Knight-frame type, which is taken from the Rhono, which is based of the another Tiny Orbit's commercial product: the Musha. Only differences are the head's hat part is larger and designed as a pirate captain's hat, the torso and waist were redesigned to fit the captain's coat armor around the body, and the feet features a slightly high-heeled boots.


  • Reef Cutlass:Corvett's large, curved pirate sword
  • Coral Blade:Corvett's short blade
  • Barracuda Flintlock:Corvett's twin pistols

Attack Functions

Notes & Trivia